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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween Ya'll!

Yup, it was a dark year this year! I called her the angel of death (as a joke) and this Darth Vader has the real Darth runnin scared! Only here, he forgot his belt! =)
My oh my - you should've seen these guys in person..... can I tell you it was spooky! Okay, neighbor friends on either side and step son in the middle. Incredible!!

My idea of a costume, tee hee. I painted my nails and laughed cuz I got so many compliments on them! =) You can also see my sweetie lab's boodie here in the pic! She's a doll, luv her! Okay, gotta run. I have a mountain range of clothes to fold! ICKY!! AND, the sooner I fold, the sooner I can pick up my crochet hook!! =)

Almost done...

OOOO, it's so close and so addictive. I cannot put my hook down! Here's the large square.

I have 18 to finish. They are split 'tween yellow and pink.  Then I sew 4 smaller ones together to get the large and then sew all the large square together! I cannot wait and I will say this is the quickest I have EVER put together an afferkin!! Yeppie! More later.