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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Healing Slowly

The 1st of two shoulder surgeries. My left was 1st and I am healing better than I thought. Although I've not started my therapy yet, we'll see. I can tell you I worn my sling for only about 2 weeks. Since I'm home all the time, I've just been careful.

Rather busy. I have a few other items I've made that I've not taken pictures of. Two round rather large baskets (plan to use them to hold yarn and WIP). I finished a little tote bag and a few pouches I will line and put zippers in. I also made a pillow that I will do more work on and somehow make into a wolf for my wild man. I am hooking like it's my job!!

I've also worked on a few paper swaps. Now these are things from about 2 months ago to now.

 Almost all of these were for swaps. I really like working in my craft room. Need to go back in soon. I have some home deco items to finish and some holiday gifts to make. TFSB

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crochet my cares away...

I really could! I adore crochet and feel like I simply cannot get enough! I learned later in life and have been working at it now for 8+ years. And it's only now that I feel like there aren't many projects I cannot make it thru. That is until you throw a diagram in front of me!! I can learn the individual symbols, but to read them together. Ain't gonna happen just yet!

I have a thing for grannies too. Love them! I have great news too!! I am working on my PHD in crochet! Didn't know they had that? Well they do! I'm working on Projects Half Done!!  Ha Ha! I have 4 afghans started and have magically run low or out of yarn. I do a lot form scraps or left over skeins I have on hand so I tend to run out frequently. I have 1 large round bag I plan to line and carry yard/projects in. I have a 2 granny square bags to have to finish and line to carry as regular daily bags. I also made matching make up bags for each that need zipper and lining. So you see I am well on my way to my PHD!! Here are a few goodies:

Here's a cute and easy key chain I made for a friend. We watch her cats while she travels. We kept misplacing her key so I made this! Now it is super easy to keep up with her key. =)

 Okay, this one is a slant shell stitch. I took this picture with it laying in my lap looking down toward my feet. I adore variegated yarn and am stitching 3 rows of solid and 3 rows of a matching variegated. This stitches up VERY quickly and is soooo easy.

Here's mu scrap large granny afghan. I adore this. Think it's my favorite so far. There was no rhyme or reason to how the yarn was pulled for me to stitch. I am 5'2" and if I stand up and hold it up it's as tall as I am and is the same width.

Oooooo, I searched all over for this pattern. And at some point while I was searching Ms. Penny came back ans updated her site with a pattern! How cool is that??  I adore it. Here is the link to the wonderful little star: Puff Centered Star by Penny Peberdy. She has graciously added the pattern as a free download thru Raverly! Thank you Ms. Penny!! I think I will make a bunting/garland out of this and a whole bunch more little cuties!!

Okay, I have to say I adore Lucy at attic24! She has really inspired me to push myself and learn and try all kinds of crochet things. Above it my rendition of her covered tuna car and I also covered a Mason jar for my hooks. In the tuna can I keep stitch markers, tapestry needles and as you can see, my scissors. In the back right of this pictures you can see my fabric rope basket holding a bunch of scraps. Don't know what to do with them. I already called a bird sanctuary that's close to my house.  She advised NOT to put these out for the birds. She said dog hair is better. Who knew? I was bummed cuz I have so much scrap yarn. I have lots of dog hair too, but...

Okay, above are pics of my test pattern. I have seen some really cute crocheted envelopes on the web, so I decided to make my own. I used a sc and lemme tell you - I won't use that stitch again for an envelope. It just took so loooong! tee hee. I do like it though. Don't know what to use it for! But I can say I made one. LOL

Well, that's long enough for today huh?? Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, July 23, 2012


What is Blogger leaving a huge space at the start of each post like it's holding a spot for a picture that WILL NOT be there??!!  It's frustrating me lots! Gotta figure this one out before I shot my computer!

UPDATE - I think it was just a hiccup or something. You can see everything is just fine!

I is smart...

Feeling smug cuz I just figured out how to enter text into a Shabby Blogs header!! Yeah me! I also figured out how to add the SU images in my sidebar! Just learnin' all kinds of goodies!

I am trying to revamp my blog to move more toward building my Stampin Up business (I guess). Or just a more professional blog where I can tie my creations into it and maybe build a little business. I figure I could be talented, maybe?

Okay off to try to become more smarter (lol)!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Desperatley Seeking .... Piece of Mind

No really. The past three years have thrown me for many a loop. Medically I am facing a less than idealic future. It is not lost on me that I have actually lost family members to illnesses... I am more than grateful that I have not been diagnosed with something as ugly cancer. My head gets it... but my me and my heart are frightened. I had a ischemic clot stroke Dec 2008. I regained usage of my right side in under 4 days and with that and a little physical therapy - I was dismissed. No one could even tell me why someone then 40 would've had a clot stroke. 3 years and 2 months later, I am now seeing my 3rd (and final) primary care (an internal med specialist), my 2nd hematologist, and my 2nd rheumatologist. And only now have I been given a reason for my stroke. Amazing isn't? Sad, because I've forfeited 3 years of my life. Even now, I am treated as though I should already know what all I've been diagnosed with should and will in-tale! I have only begun to scratch the surface and I am afraid.

I debated even coming back to resurrect my pitiful little blog, especially since I lost my last blog when Eblogger did something back a while ago...  Yet, here I sit. Typing my life to no one in particular. Funny huh?

I have been told I have a rare and serious blood disorder - Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS). All I know of this syndrome is I have clotting issues. But, I also have Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura - not enough platelets to clot! Ha, go fig-er! Yes, you can have both as the clotting and platelet functions are very separate functions, so I've been told. I have also been diagnosed with Sjögren's SyndromeHere's where I lately had my hat handed to me. I had been mistakenly diagnosed with Lupus almost 2 years ago. Yeah, I know..... But have been recently told it's not Lupus. I was told I have Sjögren's, I was relieved - even slightly happy to have been told it wasn't Lupus. See, I knew a little about Lupus. I knew enough to know it's dangerous and deadly. All I was told about Sjögren's was that my body would attack the moisture making membranes inside. That was it. HA  Now, in the past week, I've met 2 people with Sjögren's. Lemme tell 'ya. It's been enough to scare me.
Happy 4th of July!