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Friday, February 25, 2011

It's finally happening

I have found my 1st white hairs! See, I am blond and my hair thankfully will not gray, it'll go white and I am finding more and more white hairs each day! By the way, I'm only 42. Like that should matter, huh?  When do women typically start to gray? Is it all based on genetics or does age play a roll? At least for a while I will look like I have some killer highlights, huh?

I think I will go nurse my wounds down in the hallowed crap room/studio and create something that is young and new ...... apparently, unlike me! HA HA

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A little lovie here and there

Hold Cow - another, what, 4 months have blown by? I swear, when I was working a full time job, I updated my old blog everyday! Now, I'm at home and I can't seem to keep my sanity much less find time to update my blog....even though I really enjoy blogging to nobody! tee hee!!

Okay - the holiday of luuuvvv. I have finally been getting into my crap studio somewhat regularly. I go thru spells with what I feel like playing with.  I have been into paper and fabric lately. I adore sewing - creating neat things. I am waiting for the day I can buy my dress makers form to sew clothes to fit my new fluffy, weeble wobble body. =) BUT, for now, I sew home goodies and stuff for the kids. I did this cutie a week or so ago...
The really coool thing about her is I can change her accessories for Valentines, St. Peggie's Day (cute story for another day) and Easter. She's just adorable! I'll post pics of each holiday. AND, she was soooo simple to sew. I glued magnets (E6000 glue, what's not to love??) to the back and she hangs on my front door.

Now, for the wild man stuff. He and his classmates were to create a mailbox for swapping valentine cards. Since penguins seem to be "the thang" with little man, here's what we did...
This was taken the day before he took his mailbox to school, after his bath. He's sharing his bedtime snack, an Oreo cookie, with his new little friend. Ain't he cute? Here's his "pass out" valentine:
I made this with the Stampin Up top note die, tag, medium and small oval punches. I saw this while surfing the net and am sorry, I  don't remember who I cased it from, but it sure is sweet!

Now, for his birthday party, never mind that his actual birthday was in January, here's the invite I sent out. I cut the blue water paper so that it looks like he's standing on an ice burg. The card stock is actually shimmery white which worked super well! We plan on partying at McDonald's. We will close that play ground down I tell ya!! =) I used the Simply Charmed Cricut cartridge and some ready made stickers.

 Now, we have had a few friends to have babies and here's one of the cards I created. It turned out cute, I think. The stamps and hand punches are Stampin Up the paper is whatever I had on hand. =)
NOW - I have saved the best for last! I was surfing Ebay one day and came across this beauty. The lady selling it had simply glued a nice piece of patterned paper on the inside cover and is selling it for 29.99 plus about 12.00 shipping.  I fell in love. I thought of all the space this storage unit could free up! Well, me being me, I knew if I tried hard enough I could find this exact plastic storage tub and I just knew it'd be cheaper. Well, I took down the measurements she gave, grabbed a tape measure and headed to Joann Fabrics. It was almost comical. I was in the storage area for what seemed like hours, measuring almost all the plastic tubs they had.  Well, perseverance does pay off! I got this with a coupon and paid about 12.00 for it! It fits 22 cartridges with the key over lays and the books! I have been so tickled with this.
 Here it is opened...
NOW - the only thing I kinda miss is looking at the images on the back of the original boxes. Well, I created a notebook and printed off screen shots of each cartridge and I keep them filed in alpha order in a notebook I keep right on hand in the crap studio. It's been great cuz if I need a certain image, I just flip thru my notebook to find which cartridge it'll be on. How cool is that?? And to top it all off, I have fantastic boxes with magnetic flaps to alter and re-purpose! Cool Beans I tell ya!  OH YEAH - the box is for storing thread and comes with a removable thread holder where I've put the books. The dimensions of the case are: 15.5" long x 9" deep x 3" tall.  Now you too can get this awesome organizer should you want to!

Well, I have to go and play Domestic Diva as I have heard the laundry piles and dryer buzz beckoning for me. At least I am adore by some....thing? Can a person be adored by a washing machine and dryer?? I think so! Well, at least it keeps me going ; )  Later - thanks for stopping by!