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Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's my Baa-aa Er-erth Daaaaay

Ha! I am getting older! Found my 1st white hairs on my head a few weeks ago, I creak and pop when I move, I forget everything even sometimes my underwear, I am way slower than I was 5 years ago,  I think young people are stupid and their music sucks and is played WAY to loud, I actually enjoy listening to talk radio, sometimes I find I've left my blinker on for a few blocks, I don't call the 70's and 80's retro, and I need prunes when I never did before. (just joking about the last part!) Is this what it's all about??? I think I want a refund!  All this and I am only 43! Do you remember as a teen how 43 sounded sooooo incredibly old and hell at 60 you were picking out the color of the satin lining you wanted in your coffin? Well, ya know what - 43 ain't old and 60 sounds pretty spry as well!!  =)

Okay - well, it's time to go buy me a b-day present and cake! Happy St. Peggie's day everyone!!

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