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Monday, August 15, 2011

1st week of school

Wow, it kicked our butts!! My oldest is in high school and her ride comes at 6:20 in the morning! And since she's a girl, she feels she must be up at 4:45 to start getting ready!! SO, I'm up and down from 5:00. That may not be much to some of you but to me, holy crap, it's killing me!

I didn't do much last week, including house work. I have such a loving husband. BUT, today I must do some cleaning before I can go play. (bummer)

I'll leave you with this: We got my youngest a Beta fish. We've had such a hard time with his water. It gets super cloudy no matter what we do, so here he is in a "change out" container having a visit from a new friend...

Cute, isn't? It's really a snack container. At 1st I made it like the goldfish was gonna eat Lighting, but then they became fast friends! So sweet!

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