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Saturday, July 8, 2017

You make me smile

Howdy again!

I'm back with another journal. This was the 2nd (or 3rd) journal I made using an shipping envelope.

This journal, unlike my others is actually permanently sewn into the spine with a 3 hole pamphlet stitch. My others have been stitched together with a pamphlet stitch, but I utilized the Midori style stitched cover.

I used a smaller envelope folded on the inside to create a pocket system on the inside front cover. So right off the bat there are 4 different tuck spots to hide all kinds of notes or memorabilia.

Here you can see the ticket. I make my own using dollar store file folders. I generally cut them down to size 1st, then I will dip them into the old coffee and bake them dry. I like to add fabric, fibers, sewing and stamping to all my journals. It's too fun not to!

Here's a great shot of the coffee stained papers. I used copier paper and pattern paper to stain and bake. I've always read that people bake their papers for hours on low. Not me! I don't have time for that mess - LOL. I bake at 350 degrees. I use only one layer and I do not leave the oven! I stand right there are constantly peek in at the papers.

I don't know about you, but I tend to keep all those pesky return mailing envelopes that come inside everything. I sealed it half way up, turned it upside down and sliced the bottom open. Why you ask?? To create a large pocket and one little tuck spot shown above. BTW, I crocheted the little flower you see here too. I may not be able to crochet tiny little flowers (dang it) but I can do them down to about the size of a quarter.

I used the parchment paper that I bake on either inside the journals as pages OR I make my own "glassine" bags to add inside as a wonderful element. I mean, who doesn't like a crispy glassine bag?? I know I do! 😄 Until next time!

Thanks for stopping by!
Smiles & Hugs!
Peggie Sue

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