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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Office Fun

I remember working in an office - in a weird way I sorta miss working outside the home, but then again ~ 😄

I created this journal actually by accident at the end of last year. I was participating in a swap on Facebook and didn't read the directions as thoroughly as I should've (imagine that!) And almost any time I make a journal, I make two - one to swap and one to keep. So , needless to say, I ended up with two journals that only halfway meant the swap requirements! Oh well.

So, having more than what I need, I decided to put it up for a private swap in the group. She has found a new home and will be mailed out soon. Yeppie!

So, I always like to leave plenty of space for actually being able to use the journal. And in every journal I create I ad at least one tongue and cheek or silly element - it's just a must for me. I added these two stamped sayings to the very last page 'cuz it took a little longer to make than I figured.

Well, I am off to record a video of the most recent Valentine's Day swap journal I made and from here forward I will add only a few pics and have the video here on my blog =) ~

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Peggie Sue

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  1. Very Cool Vintage Journal - Love the staining on the pages!



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