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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oh so lucky me

Howdy All! We are midway thru our current challenge  at Scribbles Design Team! You still have plenty of time to whip out a wonderful creation to enter in the challenge!! Don't forget the current challenge is all about luck.

Before you jump to say "well Peggie Sue, that's not a very detailed card there hon" - lemme 'splain a little 'sumpin to ya... I have only just stepped into the world of the Digi (April of this year) I must admit, at 1st I thought "so what's the big deal?" I figured I'd really NEED my rubber stamps to hold and squeeze and love and tuck in at night. Well, 1500 images later - I'm so hooked.
But I can still hear you still asking "what's so special about this card??" It's cuz I printed the images directly onto the card base itself!! Before now I had to print then die cut or fussy cut the image out. I was frustrated I couldn't make a single layer card if I wanted to. BUT, using PowerPoint I was able to use the grid and then place my images to print on a 4.25 x 5.5 card base! Go me - Go me - (lol)

This month's sponsors...

Top Scribbler receives $10 worth of digital images, winner's choice 
Top 3 receives $3 worth of digital images

Donating: 7 digital images, winners choice
Now, after you stop laughing at me and my silliness, I just know you are heading over to the Scribbles Designs Challenges page to add your project now, aren't you?! See you there!

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Peggie Sue

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