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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

One more day closer and I still can't hear

Howdy Ho Neighbors -

It's close to the weekend and I've already been outside cleaning up the screened in porch, pruning the two tiny little plants that made it here during my move (very sad.) I adore plants and usually have tons, but during the move I foolishly asked a neighbor to care for them until my daughter came back down. They died. I cried. At least she was able to get a few of the pots and my cast iron plant stands back. Alas, I must start anew! I have a tiny Christmas cactus and one almost dead bamboo plant from the move. Hubby bought me a shamrock plant for my St. Patrick's Day birthday and then he bought me a cheer up & get luck bamboo plant (a second one.) Hey, did you know cats loooove to eat bamboo?! And shamrock plants? Boy howdy!

Okay, so since I've done only a little crafting these past few days mostly cuz I'm crazy cleaning. I'm a bit OCD... I will post tomorrow some of my cards. But for today, I'll leave you with a few adorable pics of the other creative little friends I spend my days with...

Chemmers ~ AKA: The Plant Destroyer and Town Crier

Charlie ~ AKA: Charlie Warlie or Ole McStuffy Pants (btw, he thinks I'm his mate!)

Purrcilia ~ AKA: Little Momma or The Crafty One (she loves to sit ON my cards WHILE I try to create!)

Little Bailey Bell ~ AKA: Daddy's Little Girl (btw, sissy drew her eyebrows on)

Yep, these are the sweeties I spend my days with while hubby slaves for our next meal (tee hee) and Wildman learns himself something new at school.

Okay, sooo - late last week I heard this weird metallic sound in my right ear. Not really a bell, more like a metal whine or buzz. And then, no noise at all. Within like 30 min I could hear a little bit, kinda like I have a bunch cotton stuffed in my ear. Then by night fall I had a buzz in my ear but still thru a lot of cotton. Here's where it gets weird, yesterday while I was washing my hair, I felt a painful knot on the side of my head bout the size of a peanut. Yes, the same side as the ear with an attitude. It's not at all like a bruise, it hurts all the time. Besides, kinda think I'd remember hitting my head so hard it left me with a knot. Had hubby look at it when he got home, there's no bruise but a vary large red blotch. NOW, I have a red blotchy birthmark, but it's in the center of my head and down at the hair line and maybe the size of an apple and very splotchy. Hubby says this is large, like an I Hop pancake (sorry you'll visualize this the next time you eat pancakes!) Still hurts nice, and the whine in my ear is simply delightful! Guess I'll go to the doc Friday and see if the right side of my head is going to slowly slide down the side of my body (not unlike a few other things on my body since having babies and getting older!) If the doc tells me I'll live, I'll come back here and share what crazy bit of medical history I've decided to make now! LOL  Like Roanne Rosanna Danna's grandmother use to say, "It's Always Something!" lol

Thanks for stopping by -

Smiles & Hugs! Peggie Sue

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  1. I'm sorry about your plants! That really stinks! I'm sure once you get things the way you want... starting to plant over won't be so bad... I don't really know cuz I have a black thumb... so I always kill em' even when I try my best not too! Your little fur babies are so sweet!! Have a great day! :)

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