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Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day & Our Anniversary

Okay - I am uncomfortable now. We ate at Ted's Montana Grill. RARELY do I ever go out. So, it was like I told myself I had to eat to make up for the lost time!! WOW, really??  Now, I have to say 'I" cuz hubby goes out all the time with the team while they are on the road. Like, they just got back from France on the 14th and he leaves for Italy tomorrow. So, yeah - he eats out. Me? Not so much so!  Anyway, we (the kids and I) made Father's Day cards and then I made one for our anniversary - wanna see, here it is:

 I had wanted the little brads that look like screws, but I don't have those cuties!
Okay, the card on the left is from my wild man and the right side is my teen. She really is so much more talented than this, she even said so.... I guess we all have those kind of days! =)

I'm gonna roll down the hall and try to pull myself up onto the bed and quilt until the pain stops!! =)

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