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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oil Cloth Love

I have always like oil cloth. I finally bought some almost a year ago. O would fondle it from time to time but never could figure out exactly what I would do with it. Ya know, it had to be the perfect project!!  Well, I am still not sure what I will do with the bulk of the 3 cuts I did buy, BUT, I did make this:

It's a coupon wallet!! BUT, it's for special coupons. I will keep it in the van and this will hold restaurant coupons!! It's Murphy's Law to be out somewhere and decide to eat on the fly and not have coupons!! Well, now THAT won't happen again!!

Now, lemme tell you just how hard it was to turn oil cloth right side out after sewing together!! Pain my my thumb! =) That's okay though cuz I love this little cutie!

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