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Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm back in the Swap Saddle Again!

After a break in swapping - I am swapping again! It's sad the two sites I hostessed and swapped on closed while I was on hiatus due to my stroke. I have been jones'n to be active again. I found a nice small place on yahoo and I'm back to my over achieving ways! I've signed up for like 15 swaps up into November and I've finished all but 3. I am doing 2 swaps at Splitcoast Stampers. One is due in August - finished and one is due in September - finished.  I created a hold-file box that has monthly tabs. I ready the swap items in zip-lock baggies and "file" them behind the correlating monthly tab. I will pull the waiting swaps out at the 1st of each month and mail them. Well, unless I it drives me crazy at which time I'll mail them. That would be my compulsive nature to have everything "wrapped up".  I was a Financial Controller when I worked in the "real" world so, I don't handle "open" items too well!  BUT, when I finish and mail swaps out so far in advance, three things happen: 1) I am sad I no longer have swaps to work on. 2) I totally forget about the swaps and then worry they are lost in the mail! and then 3) I look at my Swap Log and find the swaps I worried were lost in the mail, aren't even due yet!! HA HA  

Okay! Enough of me yappin!! Here are pics of the cards I've been creatin'!
 Clover Mouse - Stickles Challenge
 Little Birds of Happiness - Glossy Accents
 Just playing with images and using left over goodies.
 Roar - Sketch Card
 Flutterby - Paperclip Embellishment (it's the butterfly! I made his body with a paperclip!)
 Happiness - Card Sketch
 Thank You Card Swap
 Embossing Powder - I did stained glass in a removable bookmark!
 XO - Stencil Embellishment

I have more, but should probably go and do some quilting. I have been working on Grandmother's Flower Garden. It's all English Paper Piecing - all by hand. My 1st hand quilted item and it's rather relaxing, calming and soothing. It's a good "thang", cuzzz it's gonna take me maybe around, oh, FOREVER to complete the whole quilt. Okay, gotta go!

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