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Monday, June 20, 2011

Whoot Whoot - Corsage Pins!!

Oh my gosh! You simply cannot make just one! Well, okay, I could've stopped at one, but where would the fun have been in that?!
I am participating in swaps on the 2 boards I swap on right now. The little fabric pins in the front are called posie pins. I found these while surfing one day and I am sorry I don't remember where I found them. I can tell you BOTH pins are incredibly addictive!! 
I know that tomorrow I have plans to go back downstairs to my studio and make a few more!! I think I have like 24 corsage pins left. I bought a box of 74, I put together 50 pins (only needed 42 pins) and it's killing me that I have 24 UN-ALTERED corsage pins sitting down stairs ALONE in a SAD little box!!!  Enough said, huh?!
I fully understand that there is NO real usage for these little posie pin.... They are just plain sewing pins with the fabric sewn on to look like little flowers. SO, there's not a real need for them. I guess I could use them to un-goop my gooped crystal effects bottles. OOOO! There ya go! Since I now have a legitimate use for these cuties, I MUST go make MANY more!! Oh, I gotta go!! TFSB!

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