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Monday, July 11, 2011

Charming, aren't I?

I was able to spend time in my studio today. First I had to lay down for a bone density scan. My 1st ever. Whoot, whoot. No, but I did get to work on my charms for a swap. 

My 1st charms were the single strand charms.  My daughter tells me they really are pretty, but I wasn't really super happy once I finished. So, I moved up to double stand at the bottom attached to a single. Those were much better. I am afraid mine might be longer than most. Then, today I started working on loose button charms. It takes waaaay more time cuz I am attaching each button with a jump ring. The average # of button, you ask?? Between 20 and 24! I decided to tie little ribbons on the charms here and there cuz the buttons looked lonely! I will finish up ALL my charms tomorrow and post pics here! I know the waiting will be agonizing!

I should be stop swapping so much and work on more of the cool things I have on my sewing bucket list! LOL  It's just swaps are soooo much fun and so addictive. I've even signed up to swap ATC's now!! I've never created ATC (knowingly that is). But, I am super excited to give this a whirl and I have some great ideas.  Okay, gotta run. I have a casserole in the oven that needs me. Isn't nice to be needed?? I say "Yes!"

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