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Monday, July 18, 2011

House and Home

I adore my house. It's beautiful and I like the bones. BUT, after my stroke, I needed to change everything. Do not ask me why, I don't know. Now, my hubby was more than willing to aid me in this endeavor. See here:

Here's a picture of my kitchen after we pulled all the doors off the cabinets and primed the walls.

This is from the other entry to the kitchen. We pulled all of the decor out and either put it in a yard sale or gave it to Goodwill.

Here's a picture of my living room:

Here we decided that neither of us liked the marble surround. So, down it came! Mantle and all! We had already removed all the decor items and sold them or gave them away.

Now, the funny thing is.... only after we tore everything apart did we find out just how expensive it is to replace kitchen cabinets, how much money it costs to have them resurfaced and just how hard it is to repaint cabinets that are NOT real wood, have begun to fray and separate and are just this side of old. 

Here's a picture of my front entry stairs:

You can kinda see how all the carpet had been removed. Well the stairs going down have been removed and replaced with solid stained wood. They are BEAUTIFUL. However, the stairs coming up... well, we realized after the carpet was removed that to replace all the stair treads, we'd have to remove all of the spindles and hand rails!! Can I explain that one or two spindles are crazy cheap - but 700,000 (the number of spindles we needed tee hee) are soooo not crazy cheap!!

I will not add anymore pics to save face for my dear hubby. We have many, many more projects that have not been completed. He has a disorder. Its call PDD... it's a very sad disorder. It's full name is "Project Deficit Disorder".  Have you heard of this?? It's when a man has a hard time finishing the projects he starts!!  So, wanna give a guess at just how long ago these pictures were taken??  

August 2009!!! 

SHUT UP - I am NOT kidding!! 

So, I know we have no money.... I can't work since the stroke. Pooo Pe-pole!! I have been compiling a list of pics and tutorials of things I wanna do. It's hard living in a house that's all busted up with ZERO personality!! Here's one thing I really like...

Hubby has promised to make me one. He says we already have some of the needed wood in the shop.  I really like these mirrors when they are really large and leaned against the wall. So, he promised to make me one to lean against a wall downstairs and one to hang here in the dining room. =)

I will continue to post here as we re-create our entire home from scratch and on a budget thinner than a dime!!

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