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Monday, March 6, 2017

Another day, another kitty

Hello to you ~

I posted the other day a pic of one of my sweet kitties sleeping on my computer. Well, here's another kitty from earlier today.

Obviously my kitties know something I do not know. I think when nobodies home I'm gonna give it a try! This sweetie is Chemmies, Chemmers, Chimaney Cricket, Chim Chim Cha Ree, he has about 1000 names really. He's the silly one of the bunch and is such a lovie! 

So, with his help today, I was ale to create a few 3D gifty items for upcoming needs. I plan on filling this cute little bunny with treats for my son, who, BTW, has been home with a low grade fever ALL weekend and today! :sad face: Maybe I should I fill it up now to cheer him up.

I copied a tutorial from MayMay Made It on YouTube. But, there are a ton of tutes all over the web for this little bunny and many variations of. It was super easy and such fun to decorate.

This cute little box I made for my daughter. Yes, hopefully you will get the joke of me stamping "best mother ever" as I made it and am giving it to my child. I giggled the whole time I was creating it! I have filled with a nice spring colored nail polish and will be sending it with her Easter goodies in a few weeks.

This squatty, chubby little milk carton is just the cutest! I followed a tute from YouTube and can I just say, I looove making 3D items. They are such fun. I haven't really decided what I will put inside or who I will give it to yet. Maybe I'll just keep it on my desk to make me smile.

So, I guess Wild Man will be home again tomorrow as his fever is still too high for school, but to low for the doctor to have him come in without any other real symptoms. They say it just needs to run it's course. Ugh!

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  1. Poor little guy! I know fevers are terrible.. they make you feel yucky all day long... I hope it breaks soon for him and he's back to his normal self again! LOVE your 3D projects - they're all fabulous! I especially like the treat bag for your daughter that has the "best Mom Ever"! HAHAHA That is something I would TOTALLY do to my kids too when sending them something! I think they forget how AWESOME us Mom's are! LOL Have a great day!

    PS ALL my Cartridges are linked... I don't know if you'd be interested in them because of that.. Just thought I should let you know. :)

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

    1. Thanks for the well wishes, we are heading to the doc today to see if it's strep. I can't find a good answer about linked carts ~ can they be used by someone else or no?

  2. Cute as can be!!! Thanks for sharing with us, we love that you joined us for our Scor-Pal challenge!

  3. Oh my, those basket and boxes just screams cute and fun. I love every single thing about it. Thank you so much for participating in our 'More than one fold' challenge at Scor-Pal!


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