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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Happiness is when you see the signs!

And the signs say .. all paper crafting items ('cept dies, die machines, blah, blah) is 50% off (at Joann's)!!  What a wonderful B-day gift(s) to me!!

I got a bunch of sweet goodness for hardly anything - I'm a very happy girl! Now, tomorrow since it's gonna be cold and rainy, I will stay home a craft a little, clean up a little, craft a little, have a little lunch.... love it. AND hubby and Wildman are going to the Gladiator's hockey game tomorrow night. What a heavenly day! Can't wait to go to bed tonight so I can wake up and have me some crafty fun!!

All I really have to do is get some kitty litter and toilet paper. Ahhh, the ever important jobs of a mom! I'll see you all tomorrow with more great projects. TFSB

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