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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lovely Little Mini's

I've been working on a swap again. It's a swap I'm hosting and participating in. Whhhaaat?? Me? In a swap?? It's so unbelievable, I know. But hold on to your little knickers, cuz it's true! The swap is at SCS and it's for three little items: decorative address labels, postage holders and 3x3 mini cards. We often use those to thank to hostess or participants for participating in the swap. So, I've already finished my addy labels and postage holders - but I had to finish these.

I love the colors in these little cards! So cheerful and bright. Sweet little easy minis. Sometimes you just need a simple little project you can kick out and feel satisfied that it's cute and complete! This was certainly one of those!
Since I'm cooking dinner it means I won't be able to craft a bunch more today. "My" time is almost done, now I belong to the family. It's all okay tho... family's a good thang!  TFSB

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