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Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Manly Man & the Other Woman...

Made you wanna read didn't I?? Well, let me explain before you all think my hubby is a horrible man. THIS is the other woman:

He is the lead mechanic for one of the two the KSS Motorsports Kia Team race cars. They race in the World Challenge Series and travel a lot across the US & Canada. This pic was actually taken in the shop here in NE Georgia where we live. Here's a pic taken during a recent race:

I have a ton of pictures of hubby on track with his last team Krohn Racing, he was with them for 8+ years. I miss that team (and family) so much! But this is his 1st year with KSS and they don't go over the wall during the race so there's not as many chances to get great pics. Maybe as time passes I'll be able to have pics of hubby in action with Kia too.

So, now that you have the background of what hubby does and that he travels you will understand this next part. I always make a card and stick it in his suitcase or back pack while he's packing. I try to do this without being caught. The one time I didn't make a card he told me he was like "whaaaaat?!" Well, here's this week's card. I cannot take credit for coming up with this rocking card. I did however add the diamond plate embossing where the card I saw on Pinterest was smooth.

Is this card not the bomb??? I can't wait for him to find it on this trip. He leaves Wednesday. His races are always on Saturday  & Sunday and then he comes home. This week he's headed to Texas. I only had 2" hexies, so I could only fit 2 of them on a standard card. I inked with grey and white ink, punched a circle in the middle and layered with red and white - which just happen to be his team colors! I'm crazy about this card! Or should I say "nuts"?? LOL TFSB

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