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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Come and get 'cha some ~ a FREE Stampin Up PRIZE!

I am sorry I didn't post this little idea yesterday, but I've really given it some thought and decide to give awayStampin Up item I have two of.... Yeppie!! Isn't that super cool?

Now, for the "deets". This all came from me trying to decide what to do with all the cards I create for all the challenges that I love so dearly. I mail them to family and friends, I donate then to local organizations and I display them in my new craft studio for a bit. But, mostly they sit in their boxes under the appropriate tabs. So, I thought I'd pose a challenge to you guys!

What is your favorite way to utilize all the 11'gagillion cards you create??
What should I do with mine?

I'd love you to post about this quirky little challenge, share this with your friends, respond back to me and I'll use random.org to pick the winner on April 30th!

The prizes?? The winner gets to chose between: A hostess cling stamp set "Banner Greetings" OR the 7/8" scallop punch!!

So, leave me a message, pass this challenge/give away along to all the crafty people you know and then I'll post the winner here April 30th!! You can enter as many times as you like, but make sure your ideas are different for each suggestion pretty please. I hope you decide to play along and tell all your crafty friends about this super easy chance to get some free lovin' happy mail!!  TFSB


  1. Hi Peg! I buy the cute photo holder boxes at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or wherever when they're on sale. Then I create a gift for friends by placing all kinds of cards in them for all seasons using the divider thingys that come with the boxes. I include envies for each card and put them in the individual plastic sleeves. Then my friends have a whole box full of cards to choose from when they need to send a card, and I get to thin out my hoard!!!!

    1. Oh dang girl!! That's a perfect idea!! Gives me time to get organized to do this for Christmas gifts this year! Thanks and consider your name entered in the drawing. As always, thank you for your support! =)

  2. I'd share my "extra" cards with the Ronald McDonald House, for families with sick kiddos. That would be a nice touch, Peggie! Just an idea!


  3. Once again-4th attempt.....You could list them for sale on ebay or etsy (use the cash to replace your lost stash), donate them to a retirement/assisted living/nursing home, donate them to the deployed soldiers (via BlueStarMothers) or perhaps the local animal shelter so they can auction them and save some animals with the proceeds..........

  4. Super ideas you guys! Thanks for commenting and not giving up! 4th times a charm.


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