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Friday, April 10, 2015

Ho-Ho-Ho, Merry Christmas!

Did that reading those 5 little words make you panic just a wee bit? No? Than you are much more prepared than I. If you did have to grab a piece of chocolate to calm your nerves, you are just like me! Every year I have the best of intentions to get 50+ Christmas cards completed before November, then mid-November, then the 1st of December.... you understand. So, when I came across Mrs. Justine Hovey's website. Once there I saw her link to participate in the 2015 Christmas Card Tutorials.  What fun AND I figured I'd be able to get my cards completed prior to Christmas this year!

The more I read the more I simply HAD to join her on line classes. She has put a lot of time and effort into creating: 40+ Video Tutorials, Full Color Instruction PDF Guides complete with supply lists & links. She's created an optional Facebook Group! Why not I ask?? On the FB page, she always posts all the links again each week AND writes a dedicated post asking if we have any questions or concerns. When I asked my question today, she answered back so quickly! AND she created a dedicated Pinterest page just for these cards! How cool is that?

On this page she has linked an informative You Tube video showing an example of the type of classes she's put together for us. She has also posted a few pictures of her quality PDF guides. I have already printed my 1st two weeks and placed into a binder for reference for years to come!

Did I mention prizes?! Oh yes my friends! She has sponsors on board who are providing prizes for her to award to the "classmates" each month! Awesome!! And don't get worried about starting late or not having time to complete a class project within that given week. You are in charge of your schedule. She will send you all the info the 1st of each week and you decide when you have time to watch the video, read the PDF or even complete the project.

But the best part is ALL of this is only $30.00!!! It's crazy, right?? 40 tutorials, PDFs, FB, Pinterest, new friends - all for less than the pocket change we spend in one week on snacks, coffees and cokes! So much healthier too! BUT WAIT!! IF you get 4 of your friends to sign up, she'll refund your class price back to you! Yeah, I said it!! Refund!! I  ask that when you go to sign up,  please mention my blog (Maxx & Boo) or my name (Peggie Sue) so she'll be able to identify traffic patterns, ok? 

I will show you my 1st two cards, but really that's not fair to Justine because her cards so wonderful and she uses fabulous supplies that I don't have all unpacked. I was too excited to wait, I HAD to create my cards the moment she sent me my emails for weeks 1 and 2! lol So, please know your projects can be as beautiful as hers or as simple as mine. It's all up to you and the goodies you have on hand OR buy specifically for each class!

Week one (above) she showed how easy it is to create a beautiful night sky with masking and embossing. The card below uses emboss resist. Again, the card Justine creates in her video is way better than mine. She uses some wonderful Tim Holtz products and wowzers! Her card is awesome!! I plan on heading to the store tomorrow to get the same products to be able to recreate the card AND bonus project tag too! YES! I said BONUS project (and it's only week 2!!)

Okay, you must go, no! You must run over to Justine Hovey's website to sign up for her wonderful 2015 Christmas Card Tutorials now! She will get you all caught up and you too can learn something new, or brush up on some techniques you may already know but haven't use in ages. Or come play along simply to make some new friends and get your holiday cards ready before December!

I'm not looking for a refund, just trying to spread the word about a wonderful, newfat free on-line class. I have really had a lot of fun creating these wonderful cards and I really cannot wait to see the upcoming classes. I truly hope you'll hop on over and check out her blog and then go ahead and sign up and join in the fun!

Thanks for stopping by you guys!!
** Please note, when I 1st posted I had incorrectly stated the class was $35.00. I have made the correction above as the class is only $30.00**


  1. What a great idea!! Love your cards! You always make everything beautiful!! I'll have to check this out. Although I don't know when I'll have time to make everything!!! LOL!!

    1. Thanks for coming over Sam - you're so sweet. I appreciate you!!


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