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Thursday, April 9, 2015

S-C-O-R-E for me AND for YOU!

I had a wonderful day - out side of the house! Yes, I actually left my home and met with an old friend and a new friend. We had lunch today at a local sub sammy spot. Two ladies I swap with at SCS. We ate and talked and I have to say, it was a very nice lunch. Felt great to get outta the house and socialize for a change. Wildman went with and we were able to run some errands before hand.

I got lucky today..... whoot whoot! No, not that, even better. I got scrapbook goodies at a super discounted rate!! Stopped at the dollar store to get poop bags and a double barrel shotgun (ha, funny huh?) and found  dot adhesive runner for HALF OFF!! They were a name I'd not heard of, but thought for a dollar and a quarter for 9 yards I'd give it a try. Got 4 of them. When I got home, I found they are a nice quality, refillable and A Cherry on Top sells the refills for cheap! S-C-O-R-E!

But no my friends, it gets even better. I found out that Office Depot sells Neenah Cardstock, the brand and type that everyone says is perfect for using Copics on. Well, kids - you can buy a ream of it for only $15.99. That's 250 sheets of 110# at only $0.06 a sheet. Now, you all may have known this little bit of info, but sadly I did not. I have just read about it doing well, so I researched and found it cheaper than I'd seen out there. =) And they sell a nice heavyweight white cardstock (97 #, that's heavier than the 80 # SU I've been using for years) for about $0.05 per sheet, same Neenah brand too. Yeppie! Another big S-C-O-R-E for little ole me! Yeah, it doesn't come in all the flavors SU sells, but for a high quality white CS that's $0.30 PER SHEET cheaper?! Color me there!! With the money I save, I can buy twice as much flavored CS from SU than I could before! =)

Whoooooo, okay now I must calm myself and get back to work. LOL  I just couldn't wait to share with you guys. For you, you will understand the silly excitement whereas my 11 year old Wildman simply didn't get it. Oh he supported me, but just couldn't get as ramped up as I was. So thanks, blogger friends, for being there for me! 

Back later with some exciting news about 40 weeks of Christmas going on right now!!

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  1. Loved our lunch but I didn't have as much fun the rest of the day as you did!! Work just spoils everything!! LOL!!!!


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